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CORTBase Case Management & Legal Accounts

CORTBase Legal Accounts

CORTBase Legal Accounts Legal Software

Following reports from many solicitors offices and accountants about the poor quality of existing legal accounts packages, we decided to do something about it. We pulled together a team of software designers, developers, solicitors, book-keepers and chartered accountants with a wealth of experience in all of the main solicitors legal accounts packages and developed the ultimate alternative - CORTBase Legal Accounts.

With an innovative user-interface, CORTBase Legal Accounts is now the fastest, simplest and easiest to use legal accounts system on the market. And despite that, it is one of the least expensive.

  Call today for a demo: +353 1 683 1927

CORTBase Case Management & Legal Accounts Legal Software

  Legal Accounts Features.

CORTBase Legal Accounts is fully compliant with all Law Society rules and regulations.

  • Client & Office Accounts.
  • Bank Reconciliations.
  • VAT Returns (invoice or cash basis).
  • Extensive Management Reports.
  • Remote Access from home or abroad via remote control.
  • Optional automated On-line Backup service.
  • Can operate as a stand-alone system or fully integrated with the CORTBase Case Management System.

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  Details & Features List

CORTBase Legal Accounts Legal Software

  Quick and easy to implement

Call us today and you can be up and running within a few days. If you have an existing accounts system, we convert all transaction history from many of the competing products. If thats not possible we can help you to set up the system very quickly with opening balances to enable you to start working with it straight away.

CORTBase Legal Accounts Legal Software How much does it cost?

Annual Software Licence & Support

Only 650

* Price shown excludes VAT.

The Annual Licence fee covers all support and regular upgrades. If access to the accounts is required by more than 3 users, then a small additional charge may apply.

There is a small once-off charge at the outset for installation and training. Further charges may apply if there is a requirement to convert data from other systems.

Price displayed is for clients who have CORTBase Case Management. The cost is 750 otherwise.

CORTBase Case Management & Legal Accounts Legal Software

CORTBase Case Management
CORTBase Case Management