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CORT 2021

CORTBase Legal Accounts Legal Software

Computerised Requisitions on Title 2021

CORT2021 contains the Law Society's 2019 (Revised) Edition of Requisitions on Title - revised in October 2020. It also contains many letters and forms directly related to the Requisitions including all of the Family Law Declarations, the latest editions of the Contract for Sale and the Law Society's explanatory memoranda and FAQs relating to the Requisitions and the Conditions of Sale.

There is no additional charge for users with current CORT licences for any version of CORT.

CORTBase Case Management & Legal Accounts Legal Software

CORT2021 Requisitions on Title 

If you have an old version of CORT

Because of the changes made by the Law Society, CORT2021 is not compatible with previous CORT versions. CORT2021 is installed as a new program and your older version of CORT will remain in place in case you need access to old sets of Requisitions.  

So, you will have 2 CORT icons, a new CORT2021 one and an older one on your desktop for as long as you want to have access to older sets.

CORTBase Legal Accounts Legal Software How much does CORT cost?

There is no additional charge for users with current CORT licences. The cost for CORT2021 is covered in your current CORT licence fee.

The Annual Licence & Support Fee covers the software licence, all support, upgrades when available and, for every user, a copyright licence charge for the Requisitions on Title which CORT pays to the Law Society of Ireland who are the copyright owners therein.

Annual Software Licence & Support Fee

Single-User Multi-User Additional
425 575

(2 concurrent users)


per extra user

* Prices shown exclude VAT.
* Single-User = 1 User on 1 PC.
* Mulit-User = Shared on network - allowing up to 2 concurrent users.
* Additional Multi-User = Each additional Multi-User licence if you need to have more than 2 using CORT at the same time..

  Automated Forms & Letters

Raising and replying to the Law Society's Requisitions on Title is the main purpose of CORT. But you can also use CORT to automatically generate many standard forms and letters directly related to a set of Requisitions on Title. It will automatically merge in data like names, addresses and dates where available.

List of Forms & Letters

  • All of the Family Law Declarations
  • Conditions of Sale 2019 (Contract) excluding the General Conditions
  • General Conditions of Sale 2019 Edition
  • Pre-contract VAT Enquiries
  • VAT Special Condition 3
  • CG50 Form
  • Certificate of Company Secretary
  • Letter and QED Form to Lending Institution - redemption figures
  • Letter to Purchaser Solicitor re Closing docs
  • Letter to Local Authority re services in charge
  • Letter to Local Authority re Refuse & Water charges
  • Letter to Purchaser Solicitor - undertaking to discharge
  • Letter to Purchaser Solicitor - certifying services are in charge
  • Letter to Purchaser Solicitor issuing Contracts
  • Letter to Rating Authority notifying change of ownership
  • Letter to Rev Commissioners application for CG Tax clearance
  • Rent Declaration
  • Undertaking to discharge Land Registry queries
  • Apportionment Calculator - a simple, but very handy tool
  • Letter to client with authority for Title Deeds form
* Note this list is subject to change without notice.

See how CORT works

See how CORT Documents work

CORTBase Case Management & Legal Accounts Legal Software

To install CORT2021 for the first time, you need to take 2 steps:

STEP 1: Download and install CORT2021. A Demo Version will be installed and you can use it to see how easy it is to use CORT.

If you have a previous version, DO NOT install the new CORT2021 in the same folder - it should be installed in a different folder called CORT2021 (this will be the default folder name presented during installation).

STEP 2: To convert the Demo version to a fully operational version, Login or Register, pay the appropriate licence fee and CORT will retrieve your licence file automatically from the website.

Full instructions below.


You can download & install CORT2021 right now. You can use all features of CORT2021 but some restrictions will apply until the appropriate Licence Fee has been paid. A Licence File will convert it to a fully operational version.

Your first step is to download and install CORT2021 to see how it works. Then you can come back here to Login and/or Register to get a Licence File (full instructions under 'Next Step').

  Download & Install CORT2021 now
(do only once for a network install)

The first time you click on the icon to run CORT2021, right click on it and choose "Run as Administrator". This applies to all PC's, whether it's a Single PC or a Network install

Install on a single PC

Click on the downloaded file to start the installation. Follow the instructions and when asked for the name of the install folder, make sure it is "CORT2021". (DO NOT install to 'CORT2019' because that would overwrite your old version of CORT). CORT2021 will be installed on your local C: drive and you will see a shortcut icon on your desktop. You are ready to go!

If you had a previous version of CORT, then it will still be there. Because Requisitions have changed, the new version of CORT is not compatible with the old one so you will have two icons, one for the new CORT2021 and one for the old one. All new sets are created in CORT2021 and you can access old sets on the old version.

Install on a network

Click on the downloaded file to start the installation. During installation, you are given the option to choose where you want CORT installed. For network setup, you should browse and select the network folder where you want CORT installed (DO NOT install to 'CORT2019' because that would overwrite your old version of CORT). When completed, you will see a shortcut icon on your desktop and you are ready to go!

To enable other users to access it, DO NOT 'Download & Install' again - you just need to create a shortcut on their desktop pointing to the "cort2021.exe" program in the original installation folder.

If you have any uncertaintly about this, ask your tech support who will be familiar with your pc/network setup and can do this very quickly and easily.


Use mapped drive in shortcut. For eg. "F:\Server\Apps\CORT2021\cort2021.exe".

A UNC path like "\\SERVER\Apps\CORT2021" can cause problems.

  Next Step

Registered CORT User

When you first run CORT2021 it will ask you for your registered email address. It will then automatically retrieve your Licence File from the CORT website.

If you don't know what your registered email address is, run your old version of CORT and click on the 'Licence' button.

New CORT User

1. Register       Register
New Users have to Register to create an account. The on-screen instructions will take you through that process.

2. Pay Licence Fee
When registered, you will be directed to the Options Page where you can choose your licence options and pay the appropriate licence fee.

Once payment is made, CORT2021 will automatically retrieve the Licence File when you next run it.

Payment can be made with any credit card - it does not have to be one registered in your company name.

Licence File

CORT2021 automatically retrieves your Licence File from the CORT website. However, if that fails for any reason, you will also receive a copy of the licence file, CORT.lic, by email. You can save the emailed copy into the folder where CORT2021 was installed (overwriting the existing one).

Your CORT2021 will now be a fully operational version (with full access to any work that was done on it as a demo version).

SSL Certificate

Site Security

An SSL Certificate is deployed on this site. SSL is a standard security protocol which establishes encrypted links between a web server and a browser, thereby ensuring that all communication that happens between a web server and browser(s) remains encrypted and hence private.

We do not store and have no access to your credit card details. Your password is stored in an encrypted format for Login validation. Even we cannot access your password. But, don't worry - if you forget it you are guided through a secure & simple process to create a new one.

CORTBase Case Management & Legal Accounts Legal Software

  For further info call: +353 1 683 1927

CORTBase Case Management & Legal Accounts Legal Software

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