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CORTBase Case Management & Legal Accounts

CORTBase Legal Accounts

Designed for the Solicitors practice

Simple to use and fastest data entry

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"Slow, cumbersome & complex" were common complaints about other legal accounts systems on the market. So, we brought together a team of Chartered Accountants, Solicitors and system designers, all with many years of experience in the legal sector and developed a system to address all of those common complaints.

The result is CORTBase Legal Accounts.

  • Ledger card displays client, outlay and office billing transactions and totals.
  • View the client account transactions broken down by bank account
  • See a separate list of all Sales Invoices, Unbilled outlay and Receipts for the selected matter.
  • Facility to allocate or re-allocate receipts against the appropriate invoices from within matter.
  • View a Ledger Card for all matters for the selected client

Innovative data entry screens allowing you to enter transactions with maximum speed and minimum fuss. With office payments you can enter nominal, supplier or outlay payments one after the other on the same entry screen.

You can also enter multi-part entries from within this same screen. Multi-part entries allocate the individual items to the appropriate ledger with total allocated as one entry against the bank account.

Open your cheque book and run consecutively through it regardless of the type of payment. This avoids the time consuming task of switching to different screens based on payment type. This also applies to Bank Statements.

  • Full nominal ledger reporting with Trial Balance, Profit & Loss and Balance Sheet.
  • Full creditors system allowing entry of purchase invoices and the allocations of the payments against invoices. This powers the Aged Creditors report. The same features apply to the debtors ledger and aged debtors.
  • Journal entry screen provides for end of year adjustments etc.

All system regulations and audit trails in line with solicitors accounts regulations.

All reports needed for the Law Society of Ireland included.

You can choose whether you want VAT handled on a cash receipt or invoice basis. VAT is calculated automatically for you. With Cash Receipt basis chosen, the VAT is calculated when the cash receipt is allocated against the Sales Invoice.

Comprehensive Bank Reconciliation function including full bank rec history view. The Bank Reconcilition screen makes it very quick and easy to complete your Bank reconciliation.

  • Ledger card accessible on the case in CORTBase
  • Time recording and billing integration
  • Immediate generation of the PII report for insurance purposes. This is a report on Fees Received required for completion of your PII Application, broken down within the typical PII Categories showing numbers, totals and percentages - a huge time-saver!
  • Full WIP reports available

Includes cheque requisition and verification processes, cheque printing and automatic payment recording.

Set consolidation for a bank account on a particular day. All receipts during the day for the bank account will be included in the consolidation.

All of the individual amounts are consolidated into a single total amount to be posted against the bank account.

This single bank total will match the physical lodgement for all of the items entered.

View a list of all Sales Invoices and Credit Notes entered on the system. Generate a physical sales invoice for issue to client and to keep on file.

The invoice is created in WORD format giving you the ability to do further editing on it, if required.

Invoice can also be stored on the case in CORTBase Case Management.

All the usual day-to-day management reports plus reports required for accountants and Law Society audits.

  • Bank Cash Reports
    • Various Reports on all payments, receipts and transfers
  • Client Reports
    • Client Matter Balances Report
    • Exception Reports
  • Financial Reports
    • Nominal Ledger
    • Trial Balance
    • Profit and Loss
  • Sales Reports
    • Aged Debtors
    • Invoice Listings etc.
  • Purchases Reports
    • Aged Creditors
    • Invoice Listings etc.

Very simple year-end with CORTBase Accounts - you simply enter the year end date.

All reports recognise year-end date and produce the appropriate figures for Trial Balance etc.

CORTBase Accounts does away completely with the awkward and complex year-end procedures of many other systems.

You don't have to be in the office to keep up-to-date. Using any of the Remote Access software applications available on the market, you can work from home or abroad as if you were sitting in front of your own PC.

This is possible from your own home PC or laptop, iPad or similar device - even from an Internet cafe.

CORTBase Case Management & Legal Accounts
  Features at a glance

  • Instant access to comprehensive matter ledger details
  • Fast and simple data entry screens
  • Matter, nominal, creditor and debtor ledgers
  • Fully compliant with Law Society and Solicitors Accounts Regulations
  • VAT handled on a cash receipt or invoice basis
  • Simple Bank Reconciliation functions
  • Full integration with CORTBase Case Management System
  • Full Cheque Requisitions functionality
  • Consolidation entry option
  • Extensive Management Reporting
  • Very simple year-end procedure
  • Remote Access from home or abroad via remote control
  • Optional automated On-line Backup service

CORTBase Case Management & Legal Accounts

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CORTBase Case Management
CORTBase Case Management