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CORTBase Case Management & Legal Accounts
CORTBase Case Management & Legal Accounts Legal Software

CORTBase has all of the features you need.

In one self-contained package!

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CORTBase Case Management has all of the features required to allow you to satisfy Risk Management requirements. That includes maintenance of all of the registers like Wills, Deeds, Critical Dates, Undertakings, File Reviews & Client Complaints.

With CORTBase Case Management, you can efficiently manage all of the critical areas like Statute of Limitations, PIAB, Undertakings, Reminders, Deeds Tracking, Anti-Money Laundering etc.

No other case management system makes it as easy to generate Briefs from a case with Table of Contents and pagination automatically handled for you.

The Booklet feature in CORTBase Case Management is so simple to use and incredibly time-saving.

Use it for any other type of Booklet you might want to produce - like Office Manuals, Procedure Manuals etc.

With CORTBase Case Management you can set default minutes for all entry types on your case like Word documents, emails, phone calls etc., Amend those times on the fly if the default does not suit the task in hand.

Or, have CORTBase automaticlaly record time as you work on a case. Full time reports are immediately available to quickly review Time Spent on a case or client and see immediately the total time and charge for that case or client.

If you have not been using Time Recording and Costing, then there is no need to fret. CORTBase Case Management can automatically assign default times and rates to an entire case. You can produce a report then to review the details and very easily amend them where required.

Generate Bills directly within CORTBase Case Management in seconds. You can produce a 'pro-forma' invoice together with a separate report showing all of the individual items that make up that bill. CORTBase also generates a covering letter for you automatically to go out with the bill (and of course, you can create your own covering letter templates to suit the variety of Case categories you have).

You can record payments against those bills and then run reports to quickly review bills out in a period, payments in during a period and, most importantly, a report of all cases with outstanding bills.

The old problems of managing your templates and precedents are gone forever. With CORTBase Case Management, you can very easily add any Word or Excel document to your precedent bank and amend it with merge fields so that it will be automatically populated with data from the system.

The templates & precedents are categorised and centrally stored, so it is much easier to ensure the very latest version is available to all at the touch of a button.

You can also organise precedents into groups. So, instead of adding just one individual document to a case, you can add an entire group of documents with one click of the mouse.

The centralised call management feature allows any user to record a call and CORTBase Case Management will automatically notify the person that a call has been recorded for them. They can then view a list of all calls that have been recorded for them but have not yet been dealt with. That person can then deal with the call, record notes against it and assign it to its relevant case. Once "dealt with", it disappears off their call list.

The Call Log is a permanent record of all calls and a user can always review past calls whether dealt with or not. Very easy to find past calls with search options for caller name, phone number or any text in the call message itself.

Send emails directly from within CORTBase Case Management - and the email is automatically stored on the case. Because it is done within CORTBase you have very fast access to the documents on the case (or other cases) which may be required as attachments. Emails are sent through Outlook, so they are also visible (and stored) in Outlook.

You can view your Outlook inbox within CORTBase and assign emails directly to cases, or you can very quickly drag and drop emails directly onto a case from the Outlook screens.

CORTBase integrates directly with many of the common legal accounts software systems on the market. If you have the CORTBase Legal Accounts Software the level of integration is far more comprehensive. Our experts can covert all of the transactions from most of the other legal accounts software systems, so there is no reason for you to continue using slow and cumbersome legal accounts software systems anymore. Switch over to CORTBase Legal Accounts Software to reduce costs and increase efficiency & productivity.

A centralised database of all of your clients and their cases accessible to all users with rights. All you need to know is the client name and you have an immediate view of all their cases and all of the activity that has taken place on those cases - and all on the one screen!

Update cases with ease by adding documents, emails, phone calls, attendance notes etc. Check Undertakings, Statute of Limitations and other reminders and quickly review Time Spent on the case by all users.

Open a second window (or, as many as you want) and compare and review different cases, side by side.

With CORTBase Legal Accounts Software, you also have immediate access to the client ledgers.

A centralised database of all of your contacts - other party solicitors, lending institutions, barristers etc. Your own personal yellow pages.

Update contact details only once in the centralised database and those changes will be reflected throughout all cases on the system.

Assign contacts to cases and they are then immediately available for automation of letters to them - automatically populating their name and address and their own references.

Simple - click on the Scan button and see a list of all of the available documents scanned to your computer or network. You will see a preview of each document allowing you to give it a meaningful name and assign it directly onto the relevant case.

Particularly useful for scanning AML documents onto a client or wills onto the Wills Register. Daily post scanned on to cases can be tracked and managed to make sure you deal with all of your post.

Add reminders for any task. Set reminders to follow up on client requests or letters, phone calls, emails in or out. Set up defaults so that reminders will be set automatically every time you add an entry to a case.

Manage reminders with the facility to jump directly to the relevant case to review progress and consider any action to be taken. If you can't deal with it at the time then push the reminder date forward or assign the reminder to another user. Check out what reminders are coming up during your holiday periods and assign to other users.

See the section on Statute of Limitations, PIAB etc. to read about Critical Reminders.

CORTBase Case Management provides very simple and efficient features for recording, tracking, monitoring and reporting on all of these critical areas of concern. CORTBase automatically records Critical Reminders required in these areas.

Within the Statute of Limitations features there are also options for managing the PIAB (or Injuries Board) process where CORTBase will automatically re-calculate the Statute of Limitation date when a case comes out of the PIAB process.

With the PIAB Report, you will see at a glance what stage all of your PIAB cases are at.

As you work within these features, your registers are automatically updated for you - Undertakings Register, Critical Dates Register and Deeds Register.

Any of the industry-standard Digital Dictation and Speech Recognition Systems on the market will work with CORTBase Case Management. You can choose any system you want from the variety that are available.

For larger offices, we offer the option of some additional features with the Olympus Digital Dictation system that provide a little more automation within CORTBase Case Management. The additional features are unlikley to be required for smaller practices.

CORTBase has an extensive list of Management Reports to enable you to manage your practice efficiently.

The following is a short list of just some of the reports:

  • Cases Inactive any period
  • PIAB Cases
  • PII Report on Fees Received
  • Fees Analysis
  • Time Spent on cases
  • Cases Opened or Closed in any period
  • Statute of Limitations
  • Monitor Case Stages
  • Undertakings
  • etc.

You don't have to be in the office to keep up-to-date. Using any of the Remote Access software applications available on the market, you can work from home or abroad as if you were sitting in front of your own PC.

Check your post, check if there are any calls in for you, check if there are any reminders to deal with. You can deal with them immediately and even send Internal Messages to other staff in the office (or in remote locations that are also connected in).

All of this is possible from your own home PC or laptop, iPad or similar device - even from an Internet cafe.

  Features at a glance

  • Full Client & Case Management
  • Risk Management including all the registers - Wills, Deeds, Critical Dates, Client Complaints, File Reviews
  • Time Recording/Costing - flexible to suit different requirements
  • Automatic Document Production
  • Statute of Limitations including PIAB management
  • Easily generate Brief Booklets with automated Table of Contents and pagination.
  • Full Template/Precedent Management
  • Multiple Diary Management - visible to all users.
  • Centralised Contact Management
  • Centralised Phone Call Management
  • Reminders (including Statute of Limitations and other Critical Reminders)
  • Emails - send directly from CORTBase - receive emails into CORTBase
  • Scanning - save documents directly into Client or Case
  • Scan Wills into the Wills Register in CORTBase
  • Scan AML documents (like passport, utility bill etc) against the client in CORTBase
  • Billing - Generate Bills and Bill covering letters at the click of a mouse.
  • Digital Dictation and Speech Recognition
  • Internal Messaging
  • Integration with many Accounts Systems. Fully integrates with the CORTBase Legal Accounts System
  • Extensive Management Reporting
  • Remote Access from home or abroad via remote control
  • Optional automated On-line Backup service

CORTBase Case Management & Legal Accounts Legal Software

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CORTBase Case Management
CORTBase Case Management